Andy is a personal trainer in Costa Mesa, CA.

Bad Andy Fitness provides individualized personal training programs for strength gain, weight loss, cardiovascular fitness, and also power training.

“You’re going to get better. I guarantee that.” 


Description of Services offered by Andy Stephens: 

Neda.stepup-Personal Training through Individual and Small Group Coaching

-Comprehensive Monthly Training Programs (Weight Training, Cardio, and Diet)

-Training Consulting Services: focuses on optimizing a current raining program

-Distance Coaching Services via Skype or Face Time

-Life long awesomeness

-Being the Alpha Human of any room


The right fitness program is the one you can sustain for life. It must evolve and adapt as you progress, as well as accommodate for your specific needs.”

Orange County Personal Trainer

Gym in Costa Mesa:

Bad Andy Fitness Personal Training

Training Sessions are located at 3100 Airway Ave Unit 105, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.

If you’re interested in personal training please go to the contact form page and submit your contact information, or you can also call directly at 949-478-4964.

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I’m Andy your coach.

We’re all smiles after the workout, but you have to earn it. 



-Graduate of the University of Illinois 

-NASM Certified Personal Trainer

-NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist

-U.S. Army Master of Fitness Sergeant

-Additionally, he served in the military for more than 12 years. 

As a Fitness Coach, Andy writes programs that are comprised of compound strength training as well as functional movements. Each program utilizes techniques for improving muscle hypertrophy, strength, power, endurance, and overall performance. Andy also follows a flexible nutrition approach with his clients; with the goal of promoting positive gains in overall lean body mass and low body fat gain year-round.

Andy works with many clients all over the United States and is available as a consultant for Distance Coaching Services via Face Time or Skype. He provides comprehensive monthly training programs which include bodybuilding, power lifting, cardiovascular training, sport specific training, rehabilitation, and nutritional counseling. 

“I train one on one clients in Irvine, Newport Beach, and Costa Mesa, CA. I also coach many distance clients from everywhere. I write about fitness and motivation, and I’m obsessed with food (and how to eat and stay lean).”

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You really just have to get up and go after exactly what you want.”

I strive to have my clients give 100% to their program. 

I  have my clients focus on a synergistic approach that keeps the entire body in a state of progress, which even helps them push through plateaus. 

My Coaching Programs are comprised of compound strength training movements and utilize periodization techniques to produce optimal lean muscle production and strength improvement.

A Few More Things:

-I placed Runner-Up at the State level for the Illinois Soldier of the Year for my brigade in 2010.

2010 Illinois Soldier of the Year Competition
2010 Illinois Soldier of the Year Competition

-I love Cooking and Eating… A LOT.


Here are some awesome moments I’ve lived with family, friends, and people I admire.

TN Crew Early Days

Team Norton Crew In the Early Days!


A great mission accomplished with my army family, out in San Diego, CA


Hanging out with Gunnar Peterson at his gym in Beverly Hills, CA

These are the official Bad Andy Fitness T-shirts.
These are the official Bad Andy Fitness T-shirts.


Check out my world periodically to see what’s evolving in my fitness pursuits, and let me know how I can help promote the GOOD in your life.